Special Programs

At Buchan Primary School our special programs include music, health and physical education, library, sport, art, cooking, student leadership, transition and the vegetable garden.


Music lessons for all children are held once a fortnight. All students have an hour session with our music teacher in area levels (F/1/2s, 3/4s, 5/6s) . The grade 3/4s and 5/6s then have another 50mins each working in an instrumental group, playing songs as a group. Our music teacher uses golden oldies from the 60s and 70s to the most contemporary music. Children are continually engaged in playing a variety of musical instruments.


As part of this music rotation we also conduct cooking sessions where children are taught how to cook nutritious, healthy food.


Library is conducted every week for an hour. Students are encouraged to borrow from our well resourced library, with the East Gippsland Library Van attending the school once a fortnight to add more variety.

The Scholastic Bookclub operates in the school. Eight times a year children are given the opportunity to order books from a wide selection at reasonable prices. Children pay for the books at the time of ordering.

Health and Physical Education

In HPE we follow the Bluearth model of lessons. This develops skills and coordination from foundation and continues this development through to grade 6. Part of this program are swimming lessons for all students in term 4.


We have specific skill and game practice when we are approaching a competition i.e. athletics, cross country, swimming and winter sports. We train for teams sports with our cluster of 6 other small schools in the area and these are always fun sessions.


Art is conducted at school by the teachers. Classes usually have 90mins of art a week and this covers all forms of visual art. We recently had an artist in residence at the school, creating 3 dimensional art pieces that toured East Gippsland Council offices and libraries.

Vegetable Garden

We have a dedicated group of gardeners that tend our small raised garden bed. The produce they grow is then used in cooking classes when available.

Student Leadership

Our student leadership program gives every student the chance to experience leadership. All grade 6 students are involved in being School Captains. They have specific roles within the school and are called on to represent the school and make speeches at special events e.g. ANZAC Day, Remembrance Day and when visitors come.
The Junior School Council takes and active role within the school, organising and running special days, while being the voice of the students, developing ideas they would like to see in the school.

Fund Raising for Projects

Our JSC work with our business manager to raise money for special projects they would like to do. During terms 1 and 4 they sell icy poles and in the cold terms they help to provide delicious homemade soup, warm milo and hot dogs. This occurs every Friday with money raised going to by equipment the students would like to get or other initiatives.


Our Grade 6 students also have a program to help them adjust to the change from a small school to a large secondary environment. This includes a whole day trip to the Bairnsdale Secondary College via the secondary school bus and video conferencing with exstudents who attend the school. Exit surveys are conducted with parents at the end of term 1 of the following year to help us develop a valuable program that is beneficial and meets the needs of our grade 6 students.